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South Africa

Caged Hawk Owl 2 Vultures 1african-vultures-9african-vultures-8african-vultures-4-watermarkafrican-vultures-2-watermarkcaged-hawk-owl-1-watermarkafrican-lesser-hornbill-at-kruger-park-watermarkafrican-fruit-bat-2-watermarkAfrican Elephantafrican-white-rhino-watermark-1baby-black-rhino-best-watermarkbaby-elephant-watermarkbaby-elephant-trunk-scratching-watermark trunk to trunkbaby-elephant-trunk-down-watermark walkbaby-black-rhino-peeing-watermarkFruit bat 2best-male-lion-headshot-watermark_0Afro Cat Giraffe Head 2Baby Giraffeafrican-buck-with-a-bird-on-back-watermark bird buckbuck-eating-2-watermark Dinner is a stretchbaby-crocodile-eating-watermark Albino Crocbaby-croc-watermarkCaged Hawk Owl 3Wild ElephantsLunchbirdsVulture 3Vulture 6Vulture 5Cheeta ProfileHeads or Tails 2Heads or TailsCheeta Head

Kruger Park, South Africa


cape-point-watermarkcape-point-birds-watewrmarkcape-point-village-watermarkcape-of-good-hope-watermark 2cape-horn-s-africa-watermarkcape-hope-cove-s-africa-watermarkcu-resident-of-cape-point-watermarkbaboons-in-capetown-s-africa-watermarkafrican-skyline-watermark

Capetown and The Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

8 x 10
$35.00 Unframed / Two or more $30.00 each
$85.00 Framed / Two or more $80.00 each

All photographs are of natural beauty, and not altered by photograph enhancing programs.

Certificate of Authenticity
Photographed by Patrice Villastrigo    ©  2010

To Purchase, write your request to: with your shipping address.

Please include photograph title and whether you would like it framed or unframed.

Thank You!  Many Blessings…

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