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Journey Into Civilizations

with Photo Journalist, Patrice Villastrigo

Raised in a family of photographers, musicians and artists in Alamo Heights, Texas, Patrice was taught not only to appreciate art but how to view the world through the lens of a camera by her father, photo journalist, Bob Collins.  Hence, Ms. Villastrigo was destined to become an artist herself.  She travels the world searching for and recording her own view of composition, colour, depth, form and beauty.  She sold her paintings, sculpture and photography at her art gallery in Washington.  Ms. Villastrigo has a permanent exhibit at The Historic Jackson Ranch.

“ Since I was a child, my imagination lead me to creative outlets of all kinds, drawing, painting, sculpting, singing, writing, photography, and even designing matching clothes for Barbie and myself.  I investigate often uncommon sources to search for that shot combining a perfect composition of color, depth, form, and beauty.  Creating art using a variety of resources, I must admit that the camera lens is my favorite medium!”


This photograph taken by Nikita Villastrigo in Cairo, Egypt 2007

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“Thank you for your interest in my photography!

Stay well and be happy!”  Patrice