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Haunted Mansion Sleepover



at The Jackson Ranch! 

Click this link to view what happened when cast and crew of Great Day SA stayed at the Jackson Ranch for a Haunted Mansion Sleepover!

Standard Tour, no sleepover = $40.00 per person   1 Hour +  2 Hours for You to Investigate

All listed dollar amounts are suggested donations. 

Every donation helps to maintain this historic property, for your enjoyment! Thank you!!

Outdoor Haunts:

Stagecoach Stop Area: Turning of wagon wheels and horses heard.
Stage coaches, horses, and Native Americans seen.

Side of House (near Library): 

At the leaning tree some have seen a tall, lean older man in a dark suit with a whip. Others feel an ominous presence.  The investigators* sense that he used to beat people and possibly hang them there.
*”The investigators” are the Paranormal Investigators, Denise, Ray Jay, and Brian. The latter work for the Ghost Hunters Show

The Library

The Library

Library, Parlor, Foyer & Solarium: 

This is the oldest portion of the house and 1st building on the property, dating back over 200 years.  A trap door leads to a small cavern below the Library.  A local historian said folks were hidden there during the underground railraod days! Miss Patrice feels it was a place to hide from the Native Americans, as the ranch sits on the highest land in San Antonio, the Native's Ceremonial grounds!

When Miss Patrice acquired the property, she saw people in the library sitting in rows against the walls, dressed in early 1800’s fashion, wearing hats.  There was no furniture in the room!        Since then, there is always someone, some spirit, in there.  Start to communicate with them and the temperature will change, as happened with the investigators!

A lady is often seen walking between the foyer and library.  Investigators heard the rustle of her skirts!  One Haunted Mansion Sleepover guest "saw Miss Patrice leaving the Library!"

The Solarium

The Solarium

  Alas, Miss Patrice was not there!!

Sometimes, a baby is heard crying in all 4 rooms within this area.    This was also reported by the investigators!

Guests taking advantage of the "Sleeping Bag" overnite rate, staying in the Solarium, reported seeing "Naked men" running through the Atrium.  Native American spirits are seen and felt regularly here!

The Carriage House

The Carriage House

The Carriage House

In the 1800’s it was the stable.  Folks who stay there now hear stagecoaches and horses! Sometimes the lights will flicker.  The investigators said they heard the stagecoach wheels.  Then, their tape fast forwarded.  When they communicated with the spirit, the tape fast forwarded again!     One guest said a man passed by the kitchen window.  She went out to see him but no one was there!

Music Room Spirit 

Music Room Spirit

Music Room Spirit

The man in the music room is a resident ghost.  He is heard playing Chopin on the baby grand on occassion!   At least three spirits reside in the main house.   Others are seen and felt, both indoors and outdoors. Some are repeatedly described the same, in the same places, inside and outdside.

Who will you meet at the Jackson Ranch?

Michael's Room

       This room is not part of the tour.  It is available for overnights only. Though how much you'll sleep is the question!  Michael likes to play with you. He may open and close the door all night long, flicker the lights, make the ceiling fan spin, change the temperature, and so on.  Some experiences are the same for all, but others have different tales to tell of spending the night with Michael!

Michael's Room

Michael’s Room

The Boiler Room

$10 per person extra.
Go at your own risk!  Must sign a waiver of responsibility prior to going down stairs.  Resident spirit in the stove felt as soon as you enter.  Stand next to it and she will hold your hand if not come out and see you!  Flashlight required. 



Basic Program:
8 pm Guest arrival: get comfy in your space. 

10 pm Ghost Sitings Tour ensues  (house and grounds), given by the Caretaker. 

>>>>Bring a good flashlight and outdoor walking shoes!  This is truly a ranch!  Though every attempt is made to keep the grounds free of stickers and such, we cannot gaurantee that you won't find some.  So, we advise that you do not wear flip flops or sandals.

11:45 Midnight Snack

12/Midnight –  House Lights Out 

12 – 2 am quiet activities provided in low light – make your own dreamcatcher, puzzles, games, or roam the grounds and begin your investigation!  Please stay in pairs as you walk the grounds!

* The Caretaker stays on property

8 am Breakfast Snack served with tea or coffee

9 am Latest Departure Time


Accomodations and Suggested Donations:

* >*  Michael's Room } Private bed and bath   $200.00 for 1 , extra peron $100.00

* >*  The Library (A very active room) } Full Plush Sofa, sleeps 1 person   $100

          Bring a freind for $50 extra…..chicken!

* >*  The Parlor (A very active room) } Private Bedroom, sleeps 2 – 6    $100 / 2 people.  $40 per extra person

* >*  The Carriage House Hostel } kitchen, bathroom, and beds. Sleeps 4 – 7      $45 per person

* >*  The Solarium } Sleeping Bag.  Sleeps 4 – 15   $35 per person

* >*  Outdoor Camping….$25.00 per person

You are advised to bring your own sleeping bag, pillow, and flashlight. You may also bring your own paranormal activity recording devices.  However, for large groups, please take no more than 4 into a room to "listen and record".  On one occassion, a group of 8 were in the library at once, which limited their experiences in that room!  Also, please be mindful not to speak rudely or be antagonistic towards these gentle spirits.  Thank you!

Refreshments will be served post tour, near midnight, and 8 am. Chamomile/Lavender water will be available throughout, for a calming affect!

All of the entities recorded, seen, heard, and felt at The Jackson Ranch have been friendly…so far.  Further, we request that any recordings photo, video, audio, taken at the ranch be sent to in as soon as available!

You will be required to sign a waiver stating that you will not hold The Jackson Ranch, it's owners or employees responsible for any accidents or injuries you may receive while on the premises. This is a 200 year old property! Cracks and narrow steps on the tour can be hazardous! Please bring a government issued ID and a fully charged flashlight!  Children staying overnight must be accompanied by a parent or gaurdian.  If in a group, each child must have a singed waver from custodial parent.   This is a great venue for evening birthday parties and receptions!


A history of the property may be viewed at     

Questions: Miss Patrice 210-3448910  

*This is a child friendly event!  But children must be accompanied by parents or guardians for the tour and overnight.

*Special Rate for Groups, Private Parties and Families!

      ~~ Many Blessings ~~


      1. Put A Spell On You 100115

by Patrice Villastrigo & Bobby Kaplan. From Patrice's CD, Golden Orchid. Available at SkinnyLlamaProductions/music/Golden Orchid and all download sites.  Enjoy!