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The Historic Jackson Ranch

    The Historic Jackson Ranch  8910 Callaghan Rd  In the Heart of San Antonio!  78230    


Music Room

The Jackson Ranch Atrium


The Jackson Ranch, Nearly 5 Acres of Peace




The Jackson Ranch Solarium

Jackson Ranch 1920’s Entrance Used Today


Since early 1800, many prominent Texans have labored on this  beloved Estate.  But, before anyone built buildings, being the highest land in the area, the Native Americans used it for ceremonial grounds. You can feel the peace as soon as you enter the grounds!

Then the paper trail: Originally belonging to Maria Trinidad Guerrero; Then granted in 1832 to Manuel Tarin Leal for his military services (Spanish Land Grant), his family sold to Francois Giraud. Giraud was a city surveyor, architect of the old Ursuline Academy and of the Gothic portion of San Fernando Cathedral as well as a Mayor of the City of San Antonio. The property transferred from Giraud to local tax assessor and rancher WILLIAM H. JACKSON in 1853 who created a ranch with his 636 hectares.  The San Antonio Conservation Society could not find a deed of sale for this transaction, so it is believed the property changed hands via a card game! Jackson also put a Stagecoach Stop on the property which he called “The Watering Hole”. You see, Interstate 10 was ‘Overland Pass’, the thoroughfare for stagecoaches across the country. I10 is not far from the Jackson Ranch.

Al Drake and his wife, Alamo Heights socialite, Lanier Halstom-Drake, purchased the property in 1915. They turned the Jackson Ranch home into one of lavish style similar to that of the McNay Museum. Lanier Halstom was a friend of Marion Koogler McNay, who supported the arts and housed visiting aritists. When Diego Rivera had his shows in San Antonio in the 30’s, Marion Koogler had no room for he and his wife. So, Diego and Frida stayed at the Jackson Ranch!

Passing through the hands of a few more with minor changes; One of the most recent owners vacated the property, leaving it abandoned for several years. The current owner has registered the property as a  Historic Landmark.   The property boasts a large Chakra Garden with pathways through-out and is utilized as a film studio, Dream Sets SA, for weddings, art shows, concerts, board meetings, and more, all shared with the community on a donation basis, to help keep this historic gem intact!

Great News!!  The Jackson Ranch will soon be a “GREEN” establishment!  In 2016, these changes are taking place: water-catchment roofs, grey water usage, and solar power installation!  Have you gone green, to leave a heritage of a clean environment for the future of all living things on this planet?  If not, please look into it.  It is not as costly as you imagine!  Many government incentives are available to help you! So get right on it. OK!! Give us a shout if you have questions or need assisitance!

Read what the San Antonio Express News has to say about The Jackson Ranch:

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JACKSON RANCH EVENTS CALENDAR:  Jackson Ranch Events Calendar

 The Jackson Ranch is home to:

Concerts and Live Recording Sessions

Dream Sets SA Film Studio

Haunted Mansion Sleepovers

World Peace Festival

Pachamamas Garden: Chakra Garden and Healing Center:

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One Response to The Historic Jackson Ranch

  • Would you like to participate in the festival described below, perhaps either as a sponsor, or a tasting table, or sell a product, and/or donate to the silent auction. We would love to have you!! Please share with those whom you feel may be interested!
    Thank you! Patrice

    RE: World Peace Festival

    The United Nations proclaimed September 21 International Day of Peace. People around the world gather to express their desire for peace. Today, I am writing to ask you to become involved in The World Peace Festival that will take place at The Jackson Ranch in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday, September 21, 2013.

    This will be the second annual Peace festival at the ranch.
    The festival will include world reknown speakers, a Peace themed video showcase and photography show, and a Peace Dove art show. Also, live music and an acoustic song circle, multi-cultural dances, a Peace Train created by everyone present, food venders, and children's activities.

    Entrance is free, but the proceeds of sales and donations benefit Dr. Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots organization. Dr. Goodall started this organization to teach children how to care for the environment. Part of this education is teaching them how to facilitate peace as well.

    Last year, we started a Texas Roots & Shoots group here in San Antonio, which is a subsidiary of Dr. Jane Goodall's International organization. It is called Texas Spirit. We invite children and adults to be members of the group. A portion of the donations that are received for this event will benefit the Texas Spirit Roots & Shoots group, therefore the community. The rest of the donations will go to the International Roots & Shoots organization, which will benefit the world!

    If you would like to donate as a sponsor, there are several options available. We accept in-kind donations as well as monetary.
    ~ Food or Product Vendor: At least 25% of your proceeds donated to Roots & Shoots
    ~ Music Sponsor, including bands: Your logo or advertisement will be placed on a banner in front of the band stage.
    ~ Video Showcase Sponsor: Your logo or advertisement will be placed on a banner by the giant screen
    ~ Event Sponsor: Your logo or advertisement will be placed on a banner on the festival premises

    All sponsors will receive not only local but also international exposure! Further, we expect to hand out 100 Goody Bags. Please send your promotional coupons or items for inclusion!

    You may make donations here:c , or send your check made out to Roots & Shoots to Skinny Llama Productions , PO Box 782244, San Antonio, Texas 78278. Nothing would please me more than to see you at the festival!

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!
    Patrice Villastrigo, Event Coordinator

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