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Papacho Remedies: Incan Healing Secrets

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 Papacho Remedies: Incan Healing Secrets

A Papacho is the healer, the doctor of the village. He was important in the village hierarchy. He received remedies and secrets from the ancestors. This was oral knowledge transmitted from generation to generation. On occasion, their wisdom regarding cures mixed with the mystical. Most remedies, however, are based on herbs, leaves and stems, roots and flowers, juices and extracts, fruits, even the peels and seeds, vegetables and cacti. Animal products, such as milk, wool, and horns. Dirt, clay, water, and remedies with rocks energized by water! Papacho Remedies: Incan Healing Secrets is a book filled with remedies and cures gathered from the Papachos of Peru and the surrounding countries. Within these pages, you will find not only remedies for common afflictions, but cures for serious maladies that plague the world, such as Cancer and Diabetes! Clear your mind, open the book, learn, heal, love, and enjoy life!

About the Authors

Dr. Manuel Canales was born in Tacna, Peru to a baker. Then raised in Ilo, Peru. Spending much of his time with his grandmother, a local healer or Mamacha, the desire to heal from nature was instilled. Dr. Canales attended medical schools in Chile, Spain and Cuba. After several years of study for his Doctorate of Medicine, he returned to Lima to open his first clinic as a licensed Naturopath. Soon after, he started researching pre-Incan and Incan remedies which sent him to the farthest reaches and tallest mountains of Peru and the surrounding countries in South America. Dr. Canales gathered thousands of remedies from hundreds of Papachos. Within these pages is the first group being made available to the public! Dr. Canales calls them “Incan Gold!” If in Peru, you may see or hear him on any number of radio and television stations, such as PeruVision and Libertad TV talking about and giving Papacho Remedies! Occassionally a patient offering a testimony is heard! I met Dr. Canales in Peru while on a personal vacation to Machu Picchu. At the time I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. His knowledge kindled an interest in the Incan healing arena. So, I pursued and followed the doctor to his clinic in Arequipa. He stated he could “cure” the arthritis. He gave me a program to follow for 7 months…eat 7 pecans every morning along with 3 cups of pinapple extract (no pre-processed juice), take 1 teaspoon of Harina de Coca before each meal; stop eating wheat, dairy, meat, coffee, sodas, chocolate, sweets, etc. Eat lots of quinoa and fresh greens. That was a few years ago. Today I am still pain free and climbing mountains with ease! I had to tell the world about this man and the wonders he has discovered! Patrice Villastrigo


Dr. Canales’ Cancer Workshop in San Antonio, Texas:  Learn to heal yourself with ingredients from your backyard, using your own power, intrinsic motivation and love!  Dr. Manuel Canales Morales will be holding Incan Healing Workshops in cities around the world Spring 2015 (In Spanish with translator). Email if you’d like this workshop in your city and what you are most interested in learning about! You may find our book, Papacho Remedies: Incan Healing Secrets, on Amazon in English and Spanish.
In this video episode of Papacho Remedies: The San Antonio Seminars, Dr. Manuel Canales educates folks on HOW TO TREAT CANCER with herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, and attitude! This video is in Spanish with English translation! En este episodio de Papacho), un extraficante que trabajaba Recursos: el San Antonio Seminarios, el Dr. Manuel Canales Morales instruye a gente sobre cómo tratar el cáncer con hierbas, homeopatía, nutrición y amore. Este video está en Español, con traducción al inglés.