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Autobiography of a 5th Grader eBook by Nikita Villastrigo

 Autobiography of a 5th Grader  by Nikita Villastrigo

Purchase here ($7.99 U.S.) and then download the ebook!

Nikita Villastrigo wrote candid and real stories

about her life up to and while in the fifth grade.

Many photographs are included. Not one word or punctuation

mark has been changed for this publication.

Nikita is currently 23 years old.

Since penning this book, she has traveled extensively,

experienced other cultures around the world, and at 16, was

adopted by Toltec Nagual, don Miguel Ruiz.

You will laugh, you will cry,

you will fall in love with her!

Nikita when Modeling at 15

Nikita 15 ~ Modeling headshot