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Skinny Llama Productions has published books on several topics including Manners, Biographies, Natural Cures, and Self Help:

Autobiography of a 5th Grader by Nikita Villastrigo

Bereavement Support Group For Widows Handbook by Patrice Villastrigo

Closet Poems by Patrice Villastrigo

Little Book of Gentle Reminders by Patrice Villastrigo and Students

Papacho Remedies: Incan Healing Secrets, with Dr. Manuel Canales Morales

Vaudeville Star, by Annie Corinne Atkins Villastrigo,  Edward Robert Villastrigo, and Patrice Villastrigo

White Horse, Black Horse by Carlos Pena

Those out of print will soon be available and are available as an ebook!!  To order hard copies or request a presentation or reading by Patrice Villastrigo, please send your query to, or send in writing to Patrice Villastrigo, PO Box 782244, San Antonio, TX  78278

Thank you for your interest!