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Patrice’s Blog To A Better World, A Better You!

Energy flows where attention goes. Once you become aware of your own energies and follow your dream, you will be living in the present moment, here, now. A sense of harmony and balance will ensue, with an increase in synchronicities, in all areas of your life and being. Stay positive and be love!!


To Solve A Problem or Dispute, Look In The Mirror First!

Truly, the first place to look when you see a problem, is in the mirror!  Why, oh why, must life, living, be a competition, for most humans?  Fear, doubt and judgement – inevitably of self, could cause ENORMOUS problems, in relationships..eventually, in your own life towards your own truth and happiness.
Whether you fly alone or with the flock, at the very least, I hope for each of you, that, no matter what "they" say or believe, you will love wholly, starting within, because life is nothing without that  

Photo by Donna Martin Close


Centuries of Struggle Between/About Drugs

Have drugs been a source of the best music, art, and intelligent literary compositions we've ever seen and heard? YES! For centuries!

In his day, Dr. Albert Hoffman proported that LSD could replace all stimulants, with no side effects. His, was a new idea, regarding a relatively unheard of substance. Not one medical entity took him seriously. This was decades before the United Stated Military, approved by President Eisenhower, A tested the drug on soldiers as part of "their duty." Over 7000 soldiers were administered nearly 250 variations of "drugs" to tet the "chemical warfare potential." Halted in 1975 due to ethics, the CIA then began LSD experiments on civilian students. 

I will not mention names here, but noted psychiatrists and literary giants were known for their addiction to cocaine.  What is cocaine? A highly synthesized, over processed, Coca Bush Leaves. It takes a 2000 square foot house full of coca leaves to make 1 line of cocaine. Yes! I have witnessed, nd m abhorred by, the "stomping of the leaves" in Peru. 

Speed has been referred to in song verse, within movie scripts, and much more, in a positive connotation, since the early 1900's (listen for reference to "Benzadrine" and "Speed".)  Regarding speed, approximately 50 pills and inhalers were administered per American in the 50's, until the controlled substances act was signed. 

Then, pharmaceutical comapies and the US Government legalized drugs like speed….Ritalin and Aderal became the drugs, yes, DRUGS, that were prescribed 9 out of 10 patients.

But, where did it all begin? In the early 1800's, scientists and doctors in one of my favorite countries, Switzerland, created, via compound, speed, in an other name. Opium, more commonly known as heroin, is originally introduced to the Western world via China.  Then, in early 1800s, a pharmacist, Friedrich Serturner, created a compound from heroin that he labeled, Morphine, after the Greek God of DREAMS, Morpheus. 

I hear and read generations of the general public and critics' admiration for musicians, writers, and artists who create and offer the sublime to us. That which we feel we could never accomplish, artistically.  9 out of 10 have been using or addicted to "drugs."  Would we attempt and create our artistic best if we had the drugs at hand? And took them?

Now, these drugs are being administered to our children, mainly as "Prescription Stimulants", or "Anti-Depressants."  A way to curb behaviour, and DREAMING!  It is OK to be different, folks. Please allow your children to be 'different.' Give them your love and support, and do NOT medicate them into a stupor! Rather, take away the red dyes, processed foods – ie fast food restaurants + microwaved meals, and sodas. Grow a garden, let the children help! Eat what you grow. Even in the city. Start a garden box indoors. TAKE TIME TO LOVE YOUR FAMILY! 

Certainly every substance you put in or on your body will have a physical effect. However, as we have heard a hundred times…" …in moderation!" Hello, that includes foods, drinks, lotions, shave cream, toothpaste, hair products, etc. 

There is so much more to 'drug' history.  My query is, how will you handle it in your family? Send me an email if you need help!  But remember, be love, move with positive intent at all times 

About Auras

Your "aura" is an energy you emit, based on who you are. Everything about you emits energy, thoughts, intent, spirituality, behavior. Every being in your environment is affected by your aura/energy..people, plants, waters, etc. Often they react to your aura/energy.

An example, people who congregate for prayer en mass are generally happier as they go about their activities of daily living.
Prayer is a form of meditation. When was the last time you prayed, closed your eyes and put your intent on all good things? I am asking every person in the world to do this…now…and 12 pm daily…as a prayer for peace. For yourself, for the people on this planet  

I had my aura photo taken…from my nose up to about a foot above my head is yellow/gold, edged in orange-ish.  Nose down solid pink to lower extremities, rimmed in blue and purple. There are 2 solid white spots about the size of my torso, that I am told represent spirits who follow me around – family members.   Interpretation: I am always in business mode mentally (yellow), yet have the soul of an angel (pink) and am quite spiritually/psychically "connected" (blue and purple)….interesting, eh?

Make your intent on goodness! Stop the negative flow, the gossip, the hatred, the killing.

  Thank you 


Don't Allow Other's To Dim Your Light!

Please don't allow others to discourage you from being who you are, doing what you want to do! Often, we allow the words and actions of others to interfere with or influence our own peace, and life. It is your choice to feel as you do, not because of or about anyone else! However, when you attempt to sway the opinions of others with your own negative spin, well, that is a crime against humanity!

Case in point: Christmas time, I spent a good deal of time with a particular group of people. Then moved on to another home, where some of the same people were present. One of them repeatedly slandered the one whose home we were at! About our previous hostess, this backstabber was saying, " She is always drunk! Every time we talk she slurs her words so much I can barely understand her. I don't know how she drinks so much…." yada yada yada. This crime against humanity was repeated several times in the course of 90 minutes. I was thoroughly disgusted, still am. 
If you've got a gripe with someone, speak to them personally. It is no one else's business! Speaking to others so, treating others thus, displays an all too common err of humanity, and bad character!! The question that comes to mind, how does this serve the backstabbers? They must be awfully small minded and of very poor character to think this behooves them in any way! 
And then I remember, Karma!   
* >* As my mother used to say, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!" Don't just think about it, DO IT! 


Feeling Blessed

Feeling blessed, worthy, and loved. My life has been full of wonderful, loving people (and pets.) Is it fate, karma, God and guardian angels guiding them to me? Or simply that we attract what and who we have in our lives by being who we are.  Are you your authentic self? Do you love yourself, and all other living beings, unconditionally? If the answer is , "No" to those questions, send me a message. Schedule a session to become your authentic self, and love without doubt, fear, judgement and constraint  Let's begin now, with a simple meditation…. 

* >*  Memorize this: "I surround myself with white light so no harm may enter in, only good." Take a few deep breathes, then hold your breath for moment. Release it slowly through your mouth, letting go of thoughts, stress, feeling them leave your body. Now, close your eyes and repeat the phrase until it is the only thing in your mind. Envision the light filling you from the top of your head, your crown chakra. Feel the light warming you as it flows through your body to your toes. It is comforting you, bringing you peace.That light is love. Accept it. Embrace it. That light is you, me, all living entities, including the stars. Treat yourself to this meditation before you begin each day. Even if only 5 minutes. Soon, you will feel the connection to all. Soon, you will know unconditional love.  If barriers continue to block your path, send me a message  
Loving you, Patrice


We Are But Specs of Light

From a world famous and illuminating storyteller, who talks here about facts, we see clearly the microscopic spec of light we are in the universe. Imagine if we each truly let our love shine…love = light  The tiny blue dot we inhabit would glow beyond comprehension! Try acting and thinking from love, only love. Just do it! Watch how YOUR world changes! 
'Here We Are': Oliver Jeffers’s Warm Illustrated Field Guide to Living Together on Our Pale Blue Dot…
"When the Voyager 1 spacecraft turned its camera back on the Solar System for one last look after taking its pioneering photographs of our planetary neighborhood, it captured a now-iconic image of Earth — a tiny pixel in a tiny slice of an incomprehensibly vast universe. The photograph was christened the “Pale Blue Dot” thanks to Carl Sagan, who immortalized the moment in his timeless monologue on our place in the cosmos:
From this distant vantage point, the Earth might not seem of any particular interest. But for us, it’s different. Consider again that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar,” every “supreme leader,” every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there — on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam."
Forty years after the Voyager sailed into space, we seem to have lost sight of this beautiful and sobering perspective, drifting further and further into our divides, fragmenting our fragile home pixel into more and more warring factions, and forgetting that we are bound together by the improbable miracle of life on this Pale Blue Dot and a shared cosmic destiny.


Teach Patience By Example

Mr. Rogers was constructive in saving public television during the Nixon administration. He helped so many children in the world, as well as families, through his show and personal practice. It was his personal life's mission to make the world a better place by teaching children to deal with anger.  What are you doing for your children, family, community, the world? #TeachPatienceByExample#FollowMrRogers#BeLove


Beat To Your Own Drum, Make Your Own Rules

Making the most of every cent has consistently been a sort of hidden agenda behind everything I have done or ever do. Regardless of the funds in my bank account or on my person, it is always a consideration in the decision making process. I can identify a couple of factors that have contributed to this mode of operation. Such as, leaving home and starting out on my own at an age when most teens are considering whether to kiss their boyfriend, and, of course, my upbringing.

My parents raised 7 healthy children. That in itself is an accomplishment! But, feeding and clothing the lot of us cost a pretty penny, or so we were constantly reminded! So, being frugal was drummed into my head from the time the 4th child came into the picture. Unlike the typical social protocols that are also drummed into our heads as children. I totally ignored those and have been living according to the rules that suit me. Most of which I create!

Why not live according to your own rules, such as being frugal? If we lived as our parents, teachers, preachers, and guides have taught us, then we would not be living our own lives, but repeating theirs.

Now, I realize that I choose to be frugal, to walk my own path, to live according to my aspirations, the life that I have created, allowing my love to flow without constraint or conditions, without regret, without harming others, and free.

Like a clogged toilet overflowing and spewing caca everywhere, there are always those who wish to muddy your waters. Just don't let them! It is their own insecurity, self loathing, doubt, fear of loss, and unhappiness that lead people to spewing caca! Truly, envy and jealousy have killed more relationships than the loaded gun!

Be mindful of your thoughts and actions! Make sure you come from love, and with no other intent! Give up attempting to manipulate situations and people! If true to yourself, then love will flow, and nothing else. 


Let Your Love Shine

Live with enthusiasm, Let your love shine, every day, every moment, through your music, words, behavior, thoughts and intentions. Then the faces and hearts around you will glow. #BeLove