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About Auras

Your "aura" is an energy you emit, based on who you are. Everything about you emits energy, thoughts, intent, spirituality, behavior. Every being in your environment is affected by your aura/energy..people, plants, waters, etc. Often they react to your aura/energy.

An example, people who congregate for prayer en mass are generally happier as they go about their activities of daily living.
Prayer is a form of meditation. When was the last time you prayed, closed your eyes and put your intent on all good things? I am asking every person in the world to do this…now…and 12 pm daily…as a prayer for peace. For yourself, for the people on this planet  

I had my aura photo taken…from my nose up to about a foot above my head is yellow/gold, edged in orange-ish.  Nose down solid pink to lower extremities, rimmed in blue and purple. There are 2 solid white spots about the size of my torso, that I am told represents spirits who follow me around – family members.   Interpretation: I am always in business mode mentally (yellow), yet have the soul of an angel (pink) and am quite spiritually/psychically "connected" (blue and purple)….interesting, eh?

Make your intent on goodness! Stop the negative flow, the gossip, the hatred, the killing. Thank you