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About Patrice Villastrigo


PO Box 782244   San Antonio, TX, USA  78278    210-344-8910

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Youtube: Skinny Llama Productions

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       HEALING         FILM   MUSIC         MANAGEMENT
Whole Health Counselor Producer Vocalist  Jackson Ranch / Event Planning
Herbalist  /  Author Director Producer  Musician / Artist /  Composer
Personal Growth Journeys Guide Writer/Creative Consultant Composer    Publishing Company/  Photo Journalist/Author


Patrice Villastrigo is a native of San Antonio, Texas, USA.  In the 1990's, after working abroad for many years, she returned to San Antonio and attended nursing school. Then, wanting to learn more abot the human body and psyche,she furthered her education attaining degrees in Psychology, Education and Counseling.  During the course of her time at University of Texas at San Antonio, Patrice created a Family Residence Counseling Institute, and a new technique for Drama therapy, which she successfully implemented in her practice. She was awarded for outstanding acheivement and excellence in her field by Sigma Chi Iota, the local chapter of Chi Sigma Iota, an International Psychology Honors Society, of which she was a member. Patrice spent many years working with and being mentored by Toltec Nagual, Miguel Ruiz, and his family members, including learning about energy and natural, healing with don Miguel's mother, Sarita.  Patrice also raised her daughter under his tutelage, during which time don Miguel adopted her and presented her on stage at a conference.. Patrice has facilitated Context Training – restructuring how you think, and been a student of EST and ESP development. She has a keen sixth sense!

For over ten years, Patrice has lead groups on personal growth journeys to North, Central and South America, and Egypt.  She has been a student of and practiced natural healing for over 30 years.  She owns a publishing company and has penned books in a variety of subjects, from Poetry to Healing.  One of her most popular books she co-authored, edited and published, and produced a documentary on Incan healing with Dr. Manuel Canales Morales, a naturopath based in Arequipa with clinics all over Peru. The book is full of remedies and cures that Dr. Canales procured from papachos (village/tribal healer – not the shaman) across Peru for the past 30 years.  Hence the title, Papacho Remedies: Incan Healing Secrets.(Available in English and Spanish!)  This book and Patrice's other books can be found on
Patrice is best known for her positive outlook and for sharing her loving heart. Currently, she has a counseling office and healing center at an historic estate known as The Jackson Ranch (#JacksonRanch) where she and others facilitate whole health seminars, yoga, tai chi, and more, often in the Chakra Garden.  In 2000, Ms. Villastrigo acquired The Jackson Ranch which at one time was the spiritual grounds for different Native American peoples.  With the help of the San Antonio Conservation Society and City officials, Ms. Villastrigo researched the property history and was able to deem it "Historic Exceptional".   She created the Chakra Garden on the grounds, assisted by local Native American descendants who not only blessed the grounds, but each plant as it was being planted in the Chakra Garden, "Aho".   The estate is currently utilized for seminars, ceremonies, music concerts, weddings, private events, Haunted Mansion Sleepovers,  the annual World Peace Festival (which benefits Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots program), and more.  Patrice has a whole health integrative healing practice there, utilizing her knowledge and experience with herbal, intuitive, energy, and life counseling to assist folks in maintaining healthy balance in all areas of life. You may read the history of The Jackson Ranch here: Jackson Ranch Website

For over 10 years, Patrice has lead Personal Growth Journeys around the world including, various sites in  Mexico, Peru and Egypt.  You may view upcoming journeys by clicking this link:  Personal Growth Journeys Page


Patrice has been involved in the film industry as an extra and actress since the 1970's.  However, in the 1990's she turned her focus 'above the line' concentrating more on producing and as a creative consultant.  View Patrice's Film Background Here

She also runs the film studio, Dream Sets SA. You may read more about it on this website,

Patrice is an avid photographer with a rotating collection spanning many countries titled, Journey Into Civilizations.  She has exhibited her art in various restaurants and galleries in the United States and Canada. Her father, Bob Collins, also a photographer and cinematographer, was a profound influence on her saying that she possesses an "uncanny sense of timing and perfect photographic eye."  Patrice says that “since childhood, my imagination lead me to creative outlets of all kinds, drawing, painting, sculpting, singing, writing, photography, and even designing matching clothes for Barbie and myself.   I investigate often uncommon sources to search for that perfect shot, combining the composition of color, depth, form, and beauty.  Creating art using a variety of resources, I must admit that the camera lens is my favorite medium!”


Patrice inherits her musical ability from her ancestors. Her paternal grandparents were in Vaudeville and Broadway. Her maternal grandfather managed piano stores. Patrice began her musical career with Judy Garland. Since she was eight years old, she sang along with her mother's Judy Garland albums every day. Once in a while, young Patrice would sneak into a club and sing with her older brother, pianist, vocalist and composer, Vance Villastrigo. Having no formal music training, she just keeps on singing because she loves to sing! Patrice once said, "For me, singing is like breathing, I can't live without it!"  At Disneyland, as a young teenager, Patrice sat in on one song, with jazz legends Count Basie and Sarah Vaughan. Afterwards, Patrice said to them, "All I want to do is sing, it is my life,  Do you have any advice?" Basie replied, "Just do it, baby!"  And so, she does!

Patrice has performed across North America and around the world for the past 30 years, from The White House to Luxembourg, South Africa, and Peru. Allowing other business to come first over the years, Patrice put her recording career on the back burner, happy just to perform. Yet, she never stopped singing or performing!  Her drive to sing is so powerful that she performs following each event at her events center, The Jackson Ranch, and invites others to do so as well. Patrice even sang to her daughter upon her birth, which stopped the young babe from crying!!  Finally, those who performed with her, Texas Music Hall of Famer Spot Barnett, and super pianist, the late, Tony Lara, talked her into recording a CD.  They recorded with her, A Song For You, in San Antonio, Texas.  Her next CD was recorded in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, after touring and filming an all star jazz band.  She talked the band into recording with her.  Headliner and world famous alto sax player, Richie Cole, was thrilled to do so, and is a co-producer, along with bassist Gene Perla.  That CD, Golden Orchid was added to and mixed at Gene Perla's studio, in Easton, Pennsylvania, where Patrice's nephew, New York actor, Michael Villastrigo, joined her on 2 songs.  Patrice's latest CD, Leap of Love,  was released on February 29, 2016, leap day, leap year! It features some of Patrice's favorite songs and composers, such as Freddy Mercury, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Leonard Cohen, Harold Arlen, and Paul Anka.  Musicians on the CD include Richie Cole, Van Wilks, Al Gomez, and Michael Martin.

You may listen to clips of and purchase Patrice's music here:

Personal Discography:

2008  A Song For You – CD

2009  Clueless In Dallas – Single (On the Poison Oaks Film Soundtrack)

2010   Golden Orchid – CD

2013  Careful With My Heart – Single (Recorded For a Maternity/Birthing Video)

2016  Leap of Love  – CD , released February 29, 2016

A tune for you from Leap of Love, Bird On A Wire, featuring Richie Cole and Michael Martin….Enjoy!

      1. Bird On A Wire FINAL


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 ❤                   ❤                    ❤                     ❤                       ❤                      ❤                      ❤

Performance Schedule

July 2016:  Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden

August 2016: Italy, Spain, South Africa

December 2017:  Papeete, Tahiti

January 2017: New Zealand

January / February 2017 Australia

To request a performance or concert :

Enjoy the gift of Patrice Villastrigo music, ….all you have to do is scan the QR code or click on the link below…"with all my love", Patrice…….

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You may download this app to your phone to enjoy Patrice's music, for free!  Click here: or scan this QR code :

Or, you may listen to clips of Patrice's soulful  music at:  or

"I am very interested in knowing how the music I create affects you! Thank you for listening! Many Blessings."…Patrice

This is an impromptu moment of music with the late, Charlie Wood, at the Jackson Ranch, October 2016:


Patrice at Deerhead Inn – Delaware Watergap, Pennsylvania


Patrice's ' Journey Into Civilizations' Exhibit at Semmes Library, curated by Blue Star Arts, San Antonio, Texas

Patrice’s ‘ Journey Into Civilizations’ Exhibit at Semmes Library, curated by Blue Star Arts, San Antonio, Texas










Via Skinny Llama Productions, Patrice has published a variety of articles and books, including her own.  She also is an editor, and creative consultant to authors who are 'stuck' in a project.  Patrice crosses cultural and moral boundaries to film and pen candid interviews with legendary musicians, authors, and leaders, including spiritual leaders and authors, including, His Holiness-the 14th Dalai Lama, Don Miguel Ruiz, Foster Gamble, Padma Aon, and James Redfield; and  Music Legends Ron Carter, Richie Cole, Luis Gasca, Van Wilks, and Gene Perla, complete with video and photographs.  To request an interview for your publication or production, send an email with your company, title, and intent for the interview(s) to .


Autobiography of a 5th Grader by Nikita Villastrigo, Edited by Patrice Villastrigo

Bereavement Support For Widows Handbook by Patrice Villastrigo

Closet Poems by Patrice Villastrigo

Little Book of Gentle Reminders by Patrice Villastrigo and Students

Papacho Remedies: Incan Healing Secrets, Dr. Manuel Canales Morales with Patrice Villastrigo

Vaudeville Star, by Annie Corinne Atkins Villastrigo,  Edward Robert Villastrigo, and Patrice Villastrigo

White Horse, Black Horse by Carlos Pena, Edited by Patrice Villastrigo

A portion of proceeds from the sale of books and articles are donated to various charities, as indicated in each publication.  

Papacho Remedies: Incan Healing Secrets

Papacho Remedies: Incan Healing Secrets

Remedios de los Papachos: Secretos Incas de Sanación (Spanish Edition)

Remedios de los Papachos: Secretos Incas de Sanación (Spanish Edition)











Closet Poems

Closet Poems

Vaudeville Star

Vaudeville Star










                             MANAGEMENT and PHILANTHROPY

A philanthropist, Patrice has served on the board of many charitable organizations including the San Antonio Symphony, Opera, Cindy Taylor Krier Juvenille Center,  Texas Music Coalition, is a Lifetime Member of the Texas PTA and the Ronald McDonald House Charities, has served on committees for the Pageant of the Masters, and Shakespeare & Company in California,  as well as EST and Context Training in Washington.  Since 1999, she has also contributed to the San Antonio Conservation Society by managing a booth at NIOSA, a local fiesta in mid-April.

When it comes to the arts and music, Patrice cultivates talent by curating and hosting art shows for artists, giving them the majority of their sales. Regarding music, she produces and records CDs for bands at The Jackson Ranch. Calling the performances a "Live Recording Session", she publicizes the events, requesting a donation from the audience, then gives the donation to the musicians. With the Sound Engineer, she puts her masterful ear to mixing the CD. Finally, copies are made and given to the bands to sell. Look for some of them soon here and all download sites! But, to attend one, make reservations early as seating is limited at these intimate concerts! Click here to listen to artists clips from The Jackson Ranch:  Live Recording Session Clips

Patrice acts as manager for the estate she acquired many years ago, which she has had Historically designated as the Jackson Ranch, as William Jackson owned it at for the longest period of time 1853 – 1915.  Read the 200 year old history here: The Jackson Ranch  The property boasts a large Chakra Garden with pathways through-out and is utilized as a film studio, Dream Sets SA, for weddings, art shows, concerts, board meetings, and more, all shared with the community on a donation basis, to help keep this historic gem intact!  Check the Jackson Ranch Calendar for upcoming events:  Jackson Ranch Calendar of Events . For information on scheduling your own event, send an email with your inquiry to

Patrice at the Jackson Ranch. September 2017. With a WWOOF member. .

Patrice at the Jackson Ranch. September 2017. With a WWOOF member.