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A Song For You CD

Enjoy Smooth Jazz and the Sultry Vocals of Patrice Villastrigo, A True Diva. Complimented By The Soulful Blues Of Texas Legend And Music Hall Of Fame Inductee, Vernon “Spot” Barnett On Horns And Some Vocals, and Tony Lara’s beautiful classical influenced piano. You’ll Want To Play This CD Over and Over Again.

“My heartfelt gratitude is extended to everyone who helped this recording come to life, most particularly Toni Lara and Spot Barnett who encouraged me to create this CD, asking for very little in return!

“The musicians who performed with me were wonderfully patient, kind and ever-encouraging! I am grateful to each of them for their words of wisdom and unending support. They constantly reminded me that ” the subtle imperfections”, which I wanted to change, “are what make the live recordings so charming!” I’d also like to extend my appreciation to my brother, pianist and writer Vance Villastrigo, who pointed out that “every other note Frank Sinatra sang was flat and nobody seemed to mind, neither Frank nor his fans!!” How very charming indeed!”  Patrice Villastrigo

To give you an idea of what you will find within this CD, international comedian and entertainer Jade Esteban Estrada says, “Patrice has such a powerful and soulful voice it stops you in your tracks! Then you find yourself smiling and you just HAVE to hear more!.”

Cape Town, South Africa Jazz Rendevous Radio Show’s Eric Alan and San Antonio, Texas’s Hank Harrison labeled Patrice “the female Frank Sinatra.”

The CD not only features the smooth and soulful vocals of Patrice Villastrigo but also the bluesy vocals and saxophone of Music Hall of Fame inductee Vernon “Spot” Barnett. Both performers, natives of San Antonio, Texas, have performed for jazz enthusiasts worldwide for over 30 years.

A SONG FOR YOU CD: In August 2008, after urging from Spot Barnett and
Tony Lara, Patrice finally recorded some of her favorite songs.




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Patrice Villastrigo – Vocals

Vernon “Spot” Barnett – Saxophones, Vocals

Tony Lara – Keyboard

Pete Ojeda – Bass

Eral Hassan – Drums


1. When You’re Smiling 2:59

2. The Nearness of You 4:46

3. Makin’ Whoopee (feat. Spot Barnett) 4:58

4. Try a Little Tenderness 4:42

5. My Romance 3:04

6. The Rose 3:41

7. My Favorite Things 3:21

8. Over the Rainbow 4:51

9. Thanks for the Memory 3:29

10. Smile 4:24

11. Satchmo Medley (feat. Spot Barnett) 4:35

12. My Funny Valentine 4:10

13. A Song for You  4:22

 Produced by Patrice Villastrigo
Recorded at Bluecat Studio
Recorded & Edited
by Joe Trevino   Mastered by Wiptrax

              Cover Graphics Design by 

                  Patrice Villastrigo                 

   Cover Photography by Jeff Truitt

© 2008 Skinny Llama Productions, LLC
All Rights Reserved

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Patrice Villastrigo: A Song for You



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