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Patrice Villastrigo Music Bio:

Patrice Villastrigo is a native of San Antonio, Texas, USA.   She inherits her musical ability from her ancestors.  Her paternal grandparents were in Vaudeville and Broadway.  Her maternal grandfather managed piano stores.    Patrice began her musical career with Judy Garland. Since she was eight years old, she sang along with her mother’s Judy Garland albums every day.  Once in a while, young Patrice would sneak into a club and sing with her brother, pianist, vocalist and composer, Vance Villastrigo.  Unlike Spot, she had no formal music training.   She just keeps on singing because she loves to sing!   Patrice once said, “For me, singing is like breathing, I can’t live without it!”   

Patrice has performed around the world for the past 30 years, from The White House to Luxembourg and Peru.  Allowing other business to come first over the years, Patrice put her recording career on the back burner, happy just to perform.  Yes, she never stopped singing or performing!  Her drive to sing is so powerful that she performs following each event at her events center, The Jackson Ranch, and invites others to do so as well.  Patrice performs with many bands in her hometown of San Antonio such as The West Side Horns and Small World, as well as with many others around the world.  Patrice even sang to her daughter upon her birth, which stopped the young babe from crying!!

A philanthropist, when it comes to music and the arts, Patrice produces and  records CDs for new artists at her events center.  Calling the performances  a “Live Recording Session”.   She publicizes the events, requesting a donation from the audience, then gives the donation to the musicians.  Sound engineer then mixes and masters the CD.  Finally, Patrice produces copies for the bands to sell.  Look for some of them soon here at CD Baby, such as Richie Cole, or The West Side Horns  !Live at The Jackson Ranch!

In August 2008, after urging from her friends Spot Barnett and Tony Lara,  Patrice finally recorded some of her favorite songs,  The CD is callled A Song For You.
Then, long time friend, music  associate, and fellow board member of Texas Music Coalition, Joel C. Williams wrote a song specifically for Patrice and Spot Barnett to record, Clueless In Dallas.  It is currently in the film soundtrack for Poison Oaks, and was added to her 2nd CD, Golden Orchid.

Mr. Spot Barnett performs saxophones and some vocals on Patrice’s CD  ‘A Song For You’.  He is a legend in his own time. Recently, Spot ‘Vernon’ Barnett was inducted into The Music Hall of Fame in Austin, Texas, and is recipient of San Antonio’s Heart and Soul Award!!  He has been playing in the music scene for many years, worldwide. He is one of the most musically proficient people around, both instrumentation and theory. His musical education began at a young age. Including lessons from another local legend, Clifford Scott while Spot was in junior high school! He went on to earn his music degree. Spot has accompanied and enhanced the music of many performers. He does so out of love for the music as his incentive. When Spot Barnett plays it isn’t just a concert, it is a musical happening!
Patrice has been performing with Tony Lara for over 25 years.  Tony plays piano and keyboards on the CD  ‘A Song For You’. His excellence and proficiency in the studio kept us moving ahead smoothly. Not only are his orchestrations, and feel for the music… every beat of it…perfect, but his style and sense of timing is unparalleled within our community as a pianist and producer!  Earl Hassan, on drums and percussion,  and Pete Ojeda, on bass, gave so much of their time and energy to the CD ‘A Song For You’  asking for very little in return.

A note from Patrice: ” These are basically raw, live recordings. The musicians who performed with me were patient, kind and ever-encouraging! A new hearstring has formed in my heart for each of them!!   Joe Trevino, engineer and Bluecat Studio owner, insisted that the subtle imperfections, that I wanted to change, were what made the “live” recordings so charming!  Further, my brother Vance pointed out that, ‘every other note Frank Sinatra sang was flat and nobody seemed to mind, neither Frank nor his fans!!’ How very charming indeed!”

The Golden Orchid CD was recorded in Mexico at Richie Cole’s suggestion, as soon as touring with the all star jazz band stopped.  Most of the musicians in the band are also on the CD: Richie Cole, Gabriel Hernandez, Gene Perla, Tyler Mitchell and Bobby ‘Kap’ Kaplan.  Recorded by the ever gentle Kenny Basman at his studio in San Miguel de Allende. Then, Patrice’s nephew, Michael Villastrigo, was brought in to sing backup on a couple of songs at Gene Perla’s studio on the East Coast, where the mixing and mastering was done.  This CD is much jazzier than her 1st.  Many tunes were written by Richie Cole, some never before recorded! Did you know that Richie is the only musician to be featured concurrently on the back and front cover of BACKBEAT magazine!

Patrice’s 3rd recording is a single, Careful With My Hear was originally recorded for a pregnancy delivery DVD.   Written by Joel Williams, the second of his tunes she recorded.  The first being Clueless In Dallas.
Patrice creates the arrangements for all of the songs she records.

“Enjoy and Thanks for Listening!  Your comments, critiques, questions and/or answers are welcome!! I am very interested in knowing how my music affects you.  Please leave your review on this page!   Many Blessings.  Be love”, Patrice              

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