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Film Production

Skinny Llama Productions films encompass a variety of environments and topics…….


Instructional / Educational

” >*  Papacho Remedies: Incan Healing Secrets


* >*  Aussie Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe Reveals Their Baking Secrets!



* >*  Cleve Hattersley winner Austin Music Award 2013 for Greezy Wheels


Live Music

* >*  Richie Cole & San Antonio Alto Madness


* >*  Excerpt from, Mexico Jazz Tour; The Movie


* >*  Joe King Carasco LIVE in Chelem, Mexico


* >*  Jeanie Brooks with Gene Perla’s Go Trio at Deerhead Inn in The Poconos!

With 4 Films Currently In Various Stages of Production:  I AM AN ARTIST;  Twenty What?;  THE TRUE DISCOVERY; Vaudeville Star