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Film Production – we provide complete film services and personnel worldwide, including Producer, Director, Cinematography, Editing, Make-Up, Crew, Location Scouting, Studio Rental & Sets. 

Selection of Films Produced by Skinny Llama Productions may be viewed here:

Film Studio Management – Dream Sets SA . View props, sets, and production videos of sets in use at

  A selection of films produced by Patrice Villastrigo, Skinny Llama Productions CEO:

Papacho Remedies:

Mexico Jazz Tour:

 With 4 Films Currently In Various Stages of Production:  I AM AN ARTIST;  Twenty What?;       THE TRUE DISCOVERY; Vaudeville Star


To Purchase items from the enclosed pages: Send the name of the item to with your name and mailing address or click on the product below and write the name of item where indicated. Thank you! Many Blessings…