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Renaissance Shopping and Art Fest

March 24, 2018 @ 11:00 am – March 25, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
The Jackson Ranch
8910 Callaghan Rd
San Antonio, TX 78230
Patrice Vilastrigo


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Renaissance Shopping and Art Fest

March 24 & 25,  11 am – 6 pm
The Jackson Ranch in the Heart of San Antonio, Texas  78230The Jackson Ranch in the Heart of San Antonio, Texas 78230

          2 full days of shopping at artists booths, live music, and pop-up shops!  Also….

Live Music, Massage, Pop-Up Shops, Vendors, Vintage, Spiritual Booths and Card Readers,Natural Products – soaps, oils, salts, teas,  Henna Tattoo, Plants, Make your own Bonnet, and more! Vendors listed below. COSTUME AND BEST BOOTH DECORATION CONTESTS both days!! 

Currently these artists and shops are participating: Franco Mondini-Ruiz, David Zamora Casas, Maureen-Momo-Brown, Charles Pompa, Ray Chavez, Armando Sanchez, Katherine Brown, Patrice Villastrigo, Kathrine DaLuz Maple, Pat Jiminez, Janice Joplin, The Vintage Armoire Vintage Clothing and Antiques,  Designs by Heart, Pachamamas Garden Herbs, Holiday Crafts Booths, Papacho Remedies: Incan Healing Secrets Book Signing and Fresh Herbs, and many more listed below! Artists represented wil not necessarily be present.

> Vendors, message Patrice Villastrigo here or via the enclosed email address. Thank you!  All fees are donations, going towards restoration and maintenance of the historic Jackson Ranch!

                 Until then, stay well and be happy!

I do hope you will join us!  Please help spread the word!

Many Blessings ~ Thank you!!



Dog Creek Farms (Sun) 

San Antonio Highland Games & Celtic Music Festival

Red Apron Beauty 

Guilds of Requiem

Crystal Sea Drama Company

Bow Hunters Jerky   

David Pollock Natural Products 

The Pie Lady (Pork, Spinach/Yucca Flower, 3 Mushroom)

Cori Jean Ice Cream Cart

The Main Squeeze Lemonade

Simply Stephanie

Color Street (Sat)

Color Street (Sun)

Bare by Karma Sutton

Analisa's Cositas

Papacho Remedies Incan Healing Secrets book signing

Dragon Muse 

Pink Zebra (Sat)

Pink Zebra (Sun)

Origami Owl Jewelry

Scentsy (Sat)

da Bra Lady (Sun)

Paparazzi (Sat)

Keto Coffee

It Works Wraps http://https://thatisawrap.myitworks

The Vintage Armoire Vintage Clothing, Hats and Accessories

Mystic Angel Creations (Sat)

Dream Corner (Sat)

Nice Bella Guadalajara (Sun)

The Leggings Lass

Roly Poly Workshop

Kim Villareal Art  //

The Bedouin Dancers at 12,1:30 & 3:00

Tinker By The Sea

JA Fantasy Art

Heroes and More:

Sparkle With Stephie


Amy Rose Crafts

The Herb Bar: Herb Shots, Teas, Pot Pourri, Blessing Swags

Anthony Saldivar Masks

Fantazma Art, Crystals and Jewelry

Knight Watch Games: Bringing Renaissance Games and Costumes For Your Enjoyment!

Highly Spiritual Creations









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